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on 27th  – 30th July 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia The central role of health research in improving health and stimulating national …


    on 27th  – 30th July 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    The central role of health research in improving health and stimulating national economic growth is now well established. Thus, the past few years have witnessed the expansion of health research activities in developing countries. The quality of this research still need to be strengthened to overcome the issue that research done in developing countries remains unrecognized with limited potential for social and economic impact.

    Notwithstanding, the underlying concept of GCP, i.e. protection of human subject and validity of data generated is a sensible idea that all health researchers would aspire to, and that is with no doubt applicable to all health research involving human subject. Therefore, although some GCP details may not apply to all types of health research involving human subjects, consideration of the basic principles has to be promoted wherever applicable as a means of ensuring the research participants are not exposed to undue risk and that data generated are valid and accurate.

    There is thus a need to develop capacity of the research community to implement concept and principles of good research practices in all health research, by developing knowledge and understanding of these concepts, as well as capacity to assess the level of requirement upon the level of risk, to ensure a fit for purpose quality system.

    WHO-TDR has initiated development of a training course which is expected to impart knowledge and skills on good health research practices (GHRP) related to the conduct of human health research.



    Target participants are group of 3 who are involved in public health research such as public health professionals, epidemiologists, etc. Groups are expected to bring their protocol of the study which they plan to implement.




    Dr. Yodi Mahendradhata (Course Coordinator)

    Dr. Mahendradhata is a Public Health Researcher who has extensive experience in conducting qualified research in the area of public health and assisting Indonesian Government to translate findings into evidence-based policies.



    Dr. Riris Andono Ahmad

    Dr Ahmad is a Public Health Researcher who has vast experience in conducting community-based research and dealing with stakeholders as well as community engagement.


    varalaksmi-eDr. Varalaksmi Elango

    Dr Elango is an independent WHO/TDR GCP and GCLP consultant who has vast experience in developing and facilitating international GCP and GCLP courses. She also coordinated the development of the WHO/TDR GHRP course modules.




    This GHRP Course is designed as a 4 day course with intensive program. Registration open: 10th March –27th June2015 (CLOSED)




    WHO/TDR scholarships are available for 5 groups who are nationals of SEARO countries. Groups are invited to submit applications for Regional GHRP course grants covering course fee, return ticket and accommodation.

    Please send the application form (can be downloaded in our website) along with supporting documents by email before 30th May 2015 to training coordinator: Ktut Rentyasti Palupi, MPH (email:

    The result will be announced within 2 weeks by email.

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